Investing Thoughts for 2015

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Real Estate is BACK, How well is your Investment performing?

Have you noticed that real estate values have soared in last few years? With attractive interest rates, property sales are brisk and in many areas of southern California values have exceeded the 2007 value, before the big collapse. This is a fantastic time to be a property owner and specially in the investment real estate.

Real estate investment makes sense and many of the country’s millionaires are proof of this. Typically, one purchases with small down payment and lets the bank finance the remainder. This is often referred to as leveraging the sale, using a small amount of one’s own money and using the banks money to complete the sale. Lets look at a figurative investment of $100,000. You put 20% down and bank provides the remainder in form of a loan. As property values increase, your original investment of $20,000 grows and grows. Using a very modest rate of 7% annual appreciation in a year your $20,000 investment is now worth $27,000. In 5 years your original $20,000 investment will have tripled in value. At the modest 7% yearly appreciation rate this $100,000 property in 5 years would be worth $140,000!!! Your NET WORTH would be $60.000.
If you purchased real estate as an investment, JUST HOW WELL IS YOUR INVESTMENT WORKING FOR YOU in 2014? While there may have been an occasional headache here or there. You have done EXTREMELY well for yourself! I applaud YOU, real estate investment is one of them many things that make the USA a great place. Have you inspected your investment lately? Unlike stocks or such, you can see and touch your actual investment, but at the end of the day, its only an investment. Some get emotionally attached to their investment and suffer in form of LOST monthly income and NET worth. So, How Well is yours performing for YOU?

What where your original plans for investing? Was it to have stable monthly income one can live off at retirement time? Or provide needed monies to put your children thru the best universities? Or to become a millionaire? Etc, etc…. Here’s some food for thought

interest rates are low and banks are making investment property loans
plan on keeping your investment for at least 5 years?
what is current rate return on your investment?
do you need additional tax write-off?
how can you get the monthly income level needed for you nad your family?
how can you defer some or all the management?

These are question you can and should explore. I have over 28 years experience in investment real estate. One of my services is the  Investment Analysis, I supply all the facts and you decide what is best for. Of course this is free of any cost or obligation. Call or simply fill out this form.


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Cash Buyer wants homes, apartment buildings and commercial

This is the real DEAL.  We buy all types of properties in Southern California. Image


Any property condition is OK, even if it is ready to fall over.

No obligation and no pressure, references available.  Call me and lets talk.

Michael J Daily #00927153


Gold Star Realty


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Season Greetings

I wish you and your love one the best this holiday season. May the new year ring in peace and . prosperity for all!

Over the coming weeks is an excellent time to examine your current situation and plan for 2014. Real estate values in southern California have increased handsomely this past year. Interest rates have moved up slightly, but are still very attractive.

What do you want from your real estate holdings this next year? Or is it time to sell? When was the last time you looked at your investment and hard it is working for you?

Contact me if you have ANY interest in looking at your current or future real estate holdings.  mjd logo1


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Home Values Soar in April ’13, Number of Homes Sold Strongest in 7 Years

House values are NOW increasing!!!  April had the highest toal of home sales since 2006 for 6 counties of Southern California.   The average sale price for all homes and condos sold in April was $357,000.  Which is an increase of over 23% from April sales in 2012, when the average sales price was only $290,000. Additionally, April sales totals were up 3.3% from March ‘13 when the average sales value was $345,500.

More millionairess have been made by investing in real estate than any other investment avenue.  Current interest rates are very low,  well under 4%  fixed for most purchases.  This not only includes personal residences, but also multi-family or income producing properties.  In nut shell, the water is warm and safe, jump on in.  Its time to buy property once more.

The American Dream is NOT dead

No the foreclosure mess in not yet over.  it appears we are over the hump and its time to invest in real estate.  My sincere condolences to those that were unfortunate  and got caught in real estate mess.  There is good new for YOU.  Under HAFA, (home affordable foreclosure alternatives) YOU can qualify and purchase a home in as little as 2 years after losing a property to foreclosure.  Best of all YOU can purchase  a home with as little as 3.5% down payment and this can even be a gift from a family member.  There is hope and you do have options. The American dream of home ownership is not dead.

In May flowers bloom and there is much new life springing forward.  And its time to plan for the future and move forward.   Contact me and lets see what is best for you in the coming years.

source: DQ News

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Foreclosure Facts, Unraveling the Fears and Uncertainties

Real estate and US economy are caught up in the current foreclosure mess, this effects all of us in one way or another.  Times they are a trying, so here’s some basic information about foreclosure  as it applies to California law.

Trust Deed: The loan document containing specifics for a loan on a Real Property:  house, condo, commercial building etc… This Deed of Trust is usually recorded in county recorder’s office and is part of public records.

Trustee: The is the entity, a company usually, that holds the Deed of Trust for the Beneficiary (the Lender).  The Trustee will when informed by the Lender that the loan has Defaulted (payments are not being made) to start foreclosure procedures.

Trustor: The person(s) that acquire for a house, condo, building etc (called owner in this article)

Foreclosure: Action a Trustee takes on behalf of a Lender after  loan payments have been missed and the Lender is forced to start actions to get loan paid off or take ownership of the property and sell it to re-coup loan losses. Under CA Trust Deed Law this can be completed in less than 4 months.

County Recorder Office: Government office that records such Deeds of Trust, ownership filings, judgements, etc such recordings become public records.

Notice of Default (NOD): Formal notice that the Trustee files with the County Recorder, when a property owner  has missed payments or breached some portion of the Trust Deed. This period in California last 90 days. In that time the property owner can bring the loan current, make arrangements to have loan re-instated, pay the loan off in full, get a new loan, sell the property, etc.

Notice Trustee Sale (NOT): Next step in foreclosure proceedings after 90 days of NOD. NOT is filed with the county recorder office, stating that the property will know go to auction in 21 days and gives specifics of such.The auction must be advertised. The property owner can have the loan re-instate or get a new loan, get a postponement, etc to have this action halted. If not, the property goes to auction as public stated in the NOT.  Either the someone successfully bids and purchases the property or the property become Real Estate Owned (REO) of the lender. Thus the property is foreclosed on with the Trustor (property Owner) losing ownership of the property. And the Lender now becoming the owner and still having an unpaid loan.

*Please note that in the event the original sale was postponed, but defaulted loan issues were not resolved, the Trustee does not have to advertise a new sale date and often does not. Hence the property can be sold without the owner knowing of such.  If asked about a new sale date the Trustee or their agent has to communicate if such is scheduled, hence better call daily to check on such, after a postponement

Postponing a Trustee Sale can come about because of owner seeks bankruptcy protection, starts a loan modification, short sale, re-finance and other reasons.

Loan Modification: many loan documents (Deeds Of Trust) have this option in the terms of the loan, And Is part of making homes affordable programs HAFA, part of government regulations to ease the foreclosure problem the country is experiencing. Your lender may modify your loan in terms of interest rate and or loan balance. You can go directly to your lender or seek professional advice form an Attorney at Law. CA Dept of Real Estate states Real Estate office/agents can not perform loan modifications.

links click on Explore Options click on Making Homes affordable

Bankruptcy: Is an action an individual/company etc takes to seek financial relief, when one can not meet their obligations. If a property owner is facing foreclosure, it would be in their best interest to seek professional advice. There are many quality Attorneys to choose from. (I am not a lawyer)

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure:Lender will sometimes agree to have the property signed over to them or what is called Deed in Lieu of (foreclosure). This can be much easier and less stressful versus being foreclosed on. You do lose ownership of the property.

Escrow:In California we use a private company to see the terms of the sale are fulfilled and sale closes,  called Escrow and this should be a neutral 3rd party, so there is an equal playing field.

Standard Sale: You are fortunate in your property is value is greater than the loan and you simply sell the property and Trust Deed (loan) get paid off.

Short Sale: under Home Affordable Foreclosure (HAFA) guidelines a lender can decide to allow an in trouble property owner sell the property for less than is owed to the lender. The property owner does not pay Closing Costs of the sale. This is a better option versus simply losing one’s property to foreclosure, in many cases.

FHA:Federal Housing Authority a government agency that provides mortgage insurance on FHA lender approved loans. This  agency has assisted many American in purchasing their home with easier loan qualifying and low down payment (3/5% of the sales price) and have been around for many years.

Sitting and Doing Nothing, a Poor Option

Life is not always fair and things don’t go always the way they should. If you are under threat of being foreclosed on or unable to make the loan payment on your property, DOING NOTHING ISN’T A GOOD OPTION. Such will likely lead to more stress and perhaps poor health. Taking the so-called easy way out of doing nothing isn’t what most would call FUN, but probably its boring or even depressing, such an attitude is unhealthy.

Explore your options, you may find a resolution to situation and life may just become brighter and happier.

Short Sale, HAFA

Unable to make the loan payment, your lender under HAFA guidelines, might allow you to sell your property for less than the loan balances and the lender takes the financial loss. You the Property Owner DO NOT pay to CLOSE the SALE. You are the actual Seller of the property with the Lender agreeing to the sale terms.

You and the property must qualify for the short sale The Lender will likely require much in the form or paper work. In California at least, Lenders prefer the property be professionally marketed by an experienced real estate agent versed in conducting short sales. The reasoning for this is simple, the lender has a better chance of the property selling and of obtaining a market value. And on getting a completed short sale package. The best part of this to You is that the Lender pays the commission and other closing fees.

You can stay in the house until the sale closes

You are still the owner until the property sale closes

You are relieved of making payments once the short sale is approved

Are relieved of the debt loss (loan to the lender once the sale closes)

Under HAFA guideline, you might qualify for move out assistance

In 2012 IRS might forgive taxes of debt relief

The Stress and Anxiety for many are greatly reduced after completing a short sale

Can start at rebuilding your life, in 2 years you can become eligible to purchase a home under FHA guidelines

The time period to complete a short sale is usually much longer than a standard property sale. Short sale approval takes weeks or more, usually. Escrow period in short sales usually take longer from my experience. As there is another condition of the sale, the Lender agreement and this is added paper work and some time.

The lender will want to see proof of hardship: reason why owner is unable to make payments, loan application, current pay stubs, unless unemployed, 2 years tax returns, bank account balances, stocks etc… HAFA program paper work, that your agent can help you with. Part of this is move out assistance money when the sale closes. Currently that amount under HAFA is $3,000 and this only goes to owner occupied property owners and after the sale closes. The lender has to agree to this and often does in my experience as this is part of short sale approval. An experienced agent can help you walk thru all this and makes this much easier.

What Lender Does NOT Want

Owner can make the loan payments

Property value is more than the loan balance

Fake sale, where the property is not really sold (as in to a family member)

Property is not really marketed

Property is grossly UNDER SOLD

Hidden profits made by owner

Hidden profits made by real estate offices

Steps of Short Sale

1. You the owner are unable to make loan payments

2. Consult with a professional, that’s Me: go over financial situation, property condition and value, marketing strategy, short procedures, time periods, real estate law, paper work brief and answer questions

3 You employ a real estate agent to market your property under terms of short sale, start the paperwork needed.

4 Short Package is forwarded to lender

5 Property is marketed or sale

6 Offers come in and You & I go over them

7 offer is submitted to lender and we wait for approval

8 lender does a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) to determine property value.

9 Lender approves short sale, counters the offer or does not approve this sale

we will say the Lender says YES

10 Lender requires additionally paper work in most cases, the escrow now moves forward, buyer obtains loan etc.

11 Sale Closes Escrow, you move out the house and in may have qualified for HAFA money to move out.

In many cases the stress and anxiety associated with losing one’s property dissipates after a successfully closing a short sale. In fact under FHA guidelines in as little as 2 year you can qualify to purchase a home again. FHA guidelines tend to be easier for borrowers and the down payment is only 3.5%. The American Dream is not lost, because you were in caught up in a horrible real estate market.

Other Consequences

The IRS has regulations that when debt is forgiven, it can become taxable. Thru the end of 2012 said taxation of debt relief may be forgiven, hence home owners that lose their home from 2007-2012 might not be taxed for debt relief.,,id=179414,00.html

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, contact me.  I will gladly provide my  knowledge and years of experience.

Michael J Daily #00927153

Gold Star Realty


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State of Altadena Real Estate, Graphic View 2006 to 2011

A graphic look at real estate sales in Altadena, CA 91001.  From 2006 through 2011 in yearly totals.  It should not be a surprise that sales are down.  Foreclosures have crippled the market. The flood  foreclosure is far from over, at least a year or more of this mess.  But, there is light in the tunnel!  How bad are things in real estate in 2011?  Here’s the numbers and they do don’t lie.  Below are reported sales to The MLS of single family residences in yearly totals.

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
# of sold houses 374 329 358 368 329 332
days on market 33 40 53 71 65 75
average sale price 801306 762329 600482 536427 564271 533888
average sq feet of solds 1878.35 1785.66 1686.05 1718.08 1753.02 1758.52
average price per sq foot 429.2 426.97 355 313.2 322.41 304.44
average lot size 10171.81 10067.17 10044.68 9965.71 9864.07 817648.2
# expired listings 282 345 332 149 117 156
# cancelled listings 71 102 41 64 86 95

Everyone knows real estate sales and values are down from 2006.  In Altadena number of sales are down about 11% from 2006.  That’s not bad for this market.  The top graph illustrates the decline in average price per sold home.  All homes are not created equal, in size, location, amenities or condition.  Average sales price for 91001 is not a good representation by its self.  Average sales price per square would be better number, again amenities and size plays a part here still. 

As far as square foot price is concerned, single family home values declined about 29%  in value.  One interesting point to bring up and that is not graphed here, there are actually 2 real estate markets in 1.  The 1st being short sales, where the lender agrees to sell the house for less than the loan and bank owned properties (REO).  Both of these types of sales are driving values down.  These properties are usually in poorly condition and not as easy to obtain a loan.   The other part of the market is standard sales, these properties are usually in better condition and loans are typically easier to obtain.  Some of these sales were short sales or REO that have been rehabbed.  Another interesting stat is average days on the market. currently that is more than double days in 2006.  This again is more a reflection of short sales and REO properties.  These taken much longer to close.  I just sold 828 Morada Pl, Altadena, CA in 4 days and it was a standard sale in beautiful condition.

Unfortunately, the foreclosure market will not end anytime soon and this is major factor in declining values.  I think we have seen the worse of this market and this mess will come to an end. Values might decline on some sales.  Real estate continues to be excellent investment and interest rates are at historic lows, currently a little less than 4%.  Having a plan, like for 5 years or so, purchasing real estate makes much sense right now.  Many have used real estate to generate wealth.  I am sure the same will be said of individuals wisely investing  in real property in 2012!


Apartment sales, Altadena has a fair amount of apartment properties.  Here’s the numbers on apartment or income property sales for last 6 years.

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
# of sold listings 22 13 9 13 12 4
2 unit sales 10 6 4 9 10 4
3 unit sales 8 4 1 1 0 0
4 unit sales 2 3 1 3 0 0
5+ unit sales 2 0 3 0 2 0
Average DOM 50 28 79 57 64 98
Average Sale Price 830,409 869,231 666,762 431,847 519,250 449,250
Average Sq. Ft. 2,759.07 2,725.91 2,840.75 2,233.11 3,019.67 1,894
Avg. Price per Sq.Ft. 295.49 298.65 240.91 232.33 171.96 237
Average Lot Size 11,602.30 13,322.31 13,595.33 9,268.58 13,140.17 8,342
expired listings 24 26 26 22.00 12 12
cancelled listings 10 11 4 22 4 2

Duplex or 2 residential unit sales dominant this graph.  Partly because there are many such properties and these usually sell to owner occupant versus larger properties that are or investor owned.  Loan on investor type properties have been difficult.  This changed last year and lenders are making these loans.  Sales of investment property are on the rise.  This is a great time to investment in income property.

below are links to interactive map of of yearly apartment sales, property info supplied is limited, contact me if you need specifics.   2006 activity 2 unit sales -10, 3 unit sales 8, 4 plex sales 2, 5 + unit sales 2-

2007 activity 2 unit sales -6, 3 unit sales-4, 4 plex sales -3

2008 activity 2 unit sales-4,  3 unit sales-1, 4 plex sales-1, 5+unit sales-3,

2009 activity 2 unit sales-9, 3 unit sales-1, 4 plex sales-3

2010 activity:2 unit sales 10, 5+ unit sales-2

2011 activity-2 unit sales:2 unit sales-4

Many a millionaire have used real estate as a wealth builder and it is.  Usually one thinks in 5 years periods or such numbers. Income property investment has never really been a short-term type vehicle. If you are looking for sound investment or want to be sure your retirement is covered, then you should get with a professional broker.  To explore your options ad expectations. That is where I come in.

Are you thinking of buying or selling any real estate?  Contact me

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